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Six years ago, I switched careers from education to financial services. Needless to say, I needed a style overhaul. Think of stereotypical teacher clothes. I had a closet full of ugly sweaters and Gap khaki pants. I knew I needed professional help. Then I met Christine. We have been working together ever since. It's hard for me to do justice to her in a paragraph or two. In short, by transforming my wardrobe she has changed my life. Her talent and vision allows her to turn the thoughts I have about how I want to look into a reality. Initially, her outfits gave me to confidence I needed to put my best self forward. By working w her over the years, I have learned so much about style and now, It's so much easier for me to put together an outfit. Additionally, Christine has always stuck to my budget, and actually helped rein in my spending on a number of occasions. She is a wonderful person and a joy to work with.

— sam f.

I am so grateful that I hired Christine for styling help after having a baby! She helped me do a massive purge and design a wardrobe that suits my new working mom lifestyle. She's really intuitive and picked a look for me that I feel comfortable in-polished, timeless and stylish without being trendy. During our session, she taught me how to put together work and casual outfits while offering styling tips so that I could gain confidence wearing my new clothes. She's been great about working within my budget and helping me prioritize items. I love finally having a cohesive wardrobe and can't wait to hire her again for a spring shopping and styling session!

— laura h.

Christine is a phenomenal stylist and an absolute sweetheart. She’s created hundreds of outfits for me over the six years we’ve been working together, for which I’ve gotten more compliments than I can count, and which have made me feel comfortable and confident in myriad situations, from work events to dates to parties to weekends away with friends. Here’s how it works: sometimes I buy a few new things before our session, and sometimes we go shopping together (Zara, JCrew, Maje, Rag & Bone—she never presses for expensive purchases, although she’s helped me to stop spending scattershot and instead focus on quality). Either way, Christine then integrates the new with what I already have, creating combinations I never would have thought of (after a couple of sessions, she knew my closet better than I did). In this way, I have tons of options for any purchase I make. She takes photos of all the outfits with my camera, so I have a record. Christine’s also encouraged me to try new colors, shapes, and styles I’d never have considered. She can see what does (and doesn’t) look good on me in a way that I can’t. And at each session she gives really helpful advice about possible holes in my wardrobe—a pair of ankle boots that would work with all my pants, or a bag that would pull several outfits together. She’s always on time, she’s honest and straightforward, and she responds quickly to questions and requests. Also, she’s lots of fun to be with, super smart, and incredibly easy to talk to. Seriously, whether you’re not sure how to build a wardrobe, or if you have a bunch of clothes you love but want to remix and see fresh—get in touch with Christine. She’ll help you to look the best you ever have.

— cynthia w.

Christine has an incredible eye and was able to whip through my closet, helping me donate items that didn't fit right, were out of date, or just plain ugly. She taught me lessons along the way, explaining why certain pieces worked with my body or why not. And she helped me figure out what my style should be in two words--Chic mom--so that I could start whittling things down and shopping smart on my own. We also went shopping together and the pieces she picked out are still to this day some of my favorites. They are classics, not trends. I hated spending money on things that I knew weren't great and didn't look great on me, and now I feel more confident to make clothing decisions. If you're thinking about hiring Christine, don't hesitate--it's one of the best decisions I made! She will change your style life. :)

— Nicole G.

Christine not only styles you, she teaches you how to find and embrace your own unique style. She stretches you to experiment and embrace new possibilities that leaves you feeling more confident and assured. The ultimate testament to Christine’s gifts is that people regularly compliment both my professional and casual styles, and that new style is exactly who I am.

— Maria V.

I was in a total wardrobe/fashion funk when Christine was recommended to me. Time with her has been life changing! She has helped me completely rethink and rework my wardrobe to the point where I not only feel more confident in my day to day, but getting dressed in the morning is a more enjoyable, easier experience (no more staring blankly at my clothes thinking "I have nothing to wear.") I highly recommend her - a worthwhile investment!

— Allison M.

Christine helped me shop my own closet by putting outfits together for me that I never would have thought of without her help. It was a very fun and eye opening session that I still use tips and tricks from today. Christine is a natural with this and I love get inspired on a daily basis by her Instagram and blog posts. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a little help with their current closet, or to those who want to add to what they already have. She is kind, patient and talented.

— Becky n.