Social media is key when creating, maintaining and promoting your brand. The goal that we want to reach and continually execute is, that you have all areas of your business up to date and active at all times. This gives new readers, and followers and clients (current and potential) a feeling that you are present, reliable, relatable, attainable and in touch - someone that they can count on to always show up for them across the board. Please know that you can be as involved as much as you’d like. This can be a collaborative effort where I give you my advice and you make the final decision OR I can fully take the reins OR we find a happy medium in between!


Create a strategic plan to elevate your Instagram profile. (This can include your feed, stories, highlights and analytics). Authentically represent your brand through visual aesthetics, cohesive editing, and organization of your grid to showcase your voice, skillset and purpose.


  • Design and produce custom images to be used for Instagram, as well as Pinterest when needed.

  • Handle captions when requested or wanted but it will depend on the content. For instance, if the post calls for your expertise, I may ask for additional tips and knowledge to make sure I understand the post and it’s purpose. I will then take that information to create the caption.

  • Use and generate new hashtags for your posts that help set you apart as well as define and showcase your intentions and expertise.


  • Create categories and custom icons.

  • Upload icons and help you navigate which content should go where


  • Create a custom story series each week.

  • Post on your behalf if there is available content available to me. Can discuss this more in depth if interested.

  • Organize stories in corresponding folders.


 Analyze the backend, demographics and reach to help you connect with and grow your audience.


Promote your videos, introduce and explain your services to new clientele and guide people back to your website.


  • Update channel art: Add an image that has your logo/branding/title included

  • Create playlists: These encourage people to watch more of your videos since they will see a list of all your other videos in the series, which makes your content more episodic. Auto-play does a good job of engaging viewers to watch multiple videos, with no extra effort on their part. Also, the title you choose for your playlist can help you get ranked higher in Google search results.

  • Create custom thumbnails for each video.

  • Add social media links to your profile.


  • Can be available to help film segments, podcasts and any other on camera needs you might need.


  • Analyze the backend, demographics and reach to help you connect with and grow your audience.


To generate buzz around your services and brand by visually piquing people’s interest with images, taglines, inspiring quotes and videos, with the intention of driving traffic back to your website and blog.


  •  Create new boards that engage followers and show the depth of your personality, brand and voice.

  •  Organize and name and/or rename existing boards where needed.


  • Pin original content as well as custom designed Instagram images.

  •  Engage with other users and repin content from likeminded users and brands.


Analyze the backend, demographics and reach to help you connect with and grow your audience.


Prepare you for on camera appearances. Create a handful of outfits that you can mix and match to act as your on-camera “uniforms” for various filming situations.

  •  Help you prepare for these occasions: pick the outfit, assist with hair and makeup.

  •  Film or capture social media content for Instagram stories, YouTube etc.